Initial 1000 VIP Concierge Cards prepared for sending.

Vip Invitations are being sent to the top 1000  CEO’s in Europe, whilst general applications are now being accepted for approval.

Ting Reservations manager at Shangri-la hotel at the Shard London today helped us understand how we can help promote  VIP experiences for Afternoon Tea and Private room hire, via the Apparier Concierge service.


We are proud to have presented the first  VIP Card to Olaf Koch – Chairman of Metro Group  one of the Apparier Investors

Card Benefits Include

  • Seamless access to the Worlds Best Restaurants
  • Your Personal preferences catered for
  • Forward Planned Bookings
  • Last minute Bookings
  • Best Tables
  • VIP Experiences
  • All travel and special Arrangements undertaken
  • Credited Partners Include Travel Planners, Transportation, and Accommodation Specialists

For Applications Contact

with the subject line: VIP Application for Eligibility Check

Screenshot 2017-03-16 16.07.27
Exclusive Black Concierge Customer Card


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